New Zealand and California White Rabbits

Giant Chinchilla


The Giant Chinchilla is a result of crosses between Chinchilla breeds, New Zealand Whites and Flemish Giants - they originate in the United States. This breed is used primarily as a commercial meat rabbit. Other chinchillas include the Standard and the American Chinchillas.

The Giant Chinchilla rabbit weighs in at an impressive 12 - 16lbs and is truly a giant - in relation to the other well known Flemish Giant who weigh in at an average 10 - 12lbs, Chins can be used for meat, show and fur. These rabbits were imported from the Uk from a BRC exhibitor and breeder - Stock are BRC rung pure breeds.

                                                                     Bonnie & her two kits





                                                 Axel (Buck) getting spoiled