Flemish Giants



                         Giant Papillon


If you're considering a Flemish Giant, also consider the cage you will need for these bunnies.

30 by 48 inches is considered to be the smallest acceptable floor space for a single Flemish Giant, though larger quarters are of course, encouraged.

Flemish Giants come in a range of colors, light greys, sandy tones, darker greys, fawns, whites, blacks, and blues are all possible colors for a Flemish Giant.

An average Flemish Giant generally weighs around 6.5 to 7 kgs, If you would like to show your Flemish Giant Rabbit, or would simply like to know what the breed's ideal standards are, here are a few things to look out for.

Head: The Flemish Giant has a large and well shaped head. The eyes should be bright and alert, and the ears should stand nicely erect.

Body: The body of a Flemish Giant Rabbit should be long and powerful. It should be in proportion throughout the entire body. The hindquarters should be nice and thick, and the flesh of the rabbit should be solid and well formed. The fur should be glossy and thick set.