New Zealand and California White Rabbits

Welcome to my site, Irish Giant Breed Rabbits where we breed New Zealand White, Californian, Alaska and Giant Chinchilla (rare) !!!


I will give a short introduction about myself and my rabbits, Please do not mistake me for other breeders - I am the original breeder of the New Zealand White here in Ireland which I imported early 2009 from England and Wales. I have two different line of New Zealand - one from Wales and the other from the UK so breeding pairs are available. All my New Zealand's are pure and come with a documented breeding history - dams, sire's, grand dams and grandsires.


I occasionaly cross breed the Californain with New Zealand for the Hybrid as some people request the cross breed for vitality and a wider gene pool of a different breed - this cross is also known to produce excellent meat quality.

Our ultimate goal is to produce the best type of meat hybrid involving the New Zealand and hopefully soon we will have a rapid growing giant strain with excellent meat quality with the added bonus of a good pelt for those interested in fur.


Breeding pairs are available, Just make an enquirey.

Lifetime advice always available to people who have bought rabbits from me.



Irish Giant Breed Rabbits - 2009