New Zealand and California White Rabbits


The Californian White

I have some Californian whites - which are the Himalayan marked rabbits (Black markings on the ears, Paws and nose.) 

This is a breed that I am working on improving at the moment, I am aiming at producing striking, dark marking in contrast to their white fur .

They were initially created for use in the meat trade and are known to produce great quality offspring when crossed with the New Zealand rabbit. Alternatively this particular breed are very docile and good natured which make them excellent pets and show rabbits.


Our Californian's

Roger  -  A Beautiful Choc Point Buck



                       Sid  -  Our New Junior Californian Buck


Aggie - 2009 Home Bred Doe



Demi - Home Bred Doe



Demi x Roger Litter


@ 5 weeks


@ 7 weeks - starting to darken :)



                                                                              @ 8 weeks